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Good question.

Hello deviantART!
It's been AGES since I last updated you on my life. 
And it happened a lot, oh yes, a BUNCH of stuff, a mountain of things, a crapload of happenings.

The last time I wrote you was over a year ago, and I told you that my life was awesome.
Now, after some ups and some downs, my life is still awesome. And much different. I feel like I've grown up a lot this last year. And I feel like I haven't changed at all. Both at the very same time.

"What happened?" You ask. Well, let me think. Here Is the main stuff, that's worthy mentioning:

First of all, I managed to get a place to study at the very same university I wanted with all my heart. I really can't imagine a better place for me to study. A lot of nice people, students as well as tutors/professors. And at the same time, a lot of nerdy people (yay!). 
And we have some nice facilities/instrumentaions (What is the correct wording??). We have a lot of nice camera's and equipment. We have a small green-screen studio. We have nice computers. And we have Cintiqs (aw, yissss, Cintiiiiqs <3<3<3<3).

And some people who graduated from there actually got pretty far and had jobs at productions like The Hobbit, Prometheus, the newest X-Men, The Lone Ranger and some more.
So it can't be that bad xD (yes, I KNOW that it's not about what you studied but about what you are capable of. But it at least tells me that it's not a bad place to study).

Linked with having a place to study is (for me) also having to move out from home, from my parents, into a flat of my own and into a new life.
I've now lived in Hannover for 2 month (2 month already??). At first alone (well, me and bunch of other dorks i didn't care to get to know) in a hall of residence/dormitory kind of thing for students and now I live with a friend in a quite big (~70qm) flat all on our own.... wow, some time ago I never thought I could manage.

But an old german saying says that you grow with responsibilitys. And it's true : )

Other than that it has also been a year full of medival markets (MPS). I really loved that time and really miss it. I made sooo many new friends, formed bonds and strengthend others. Every time I arrived at a different location where the market would place, it was always like coming home.

Sadly, I don't know if it ever can be a home again. Some things happened that tainted this paradise. And unfortunately, the organizer is a bit.... well.... full of himself, never listens to good suggestions and ideas and it's a littlemiracle that this market is able to continue another year...

Well, I'll see how it turns out next year in late april, when the new season begins. Until then I will try not to make myself false hopes. Instead I'm going to focus on my studies :)

Oh, and I visited my first Convention in spring this year!
HobbitCon II !!
It was really, really awesome. I went there with two friends and we had a tremendous time!
I'd really like to attend HobbitCon III next year... maybe I will (if i have enough money......)

One of my personal highlights was the panel of Sir Richard Taylor, the head of WETA Workshop. From that moment on I knew, that when someone would ask who I thought to be the most inspiring person, I'd say it's him. I can't exactly tell you why, I can't find the words. But it was just the way he talked, the way he didn't feel like a god, but like an ordinary person. A person who has accomplished a lot by being themselves, believing in themself, working a lot and never giving up. 
He made and effort in talking to us in a realistic way, not trying to make false hopes for those who would like to follow a similar path.
But he also encouraged us the make the most of us and our creativity. To work hard and to forge links and tie knots.

And when his panel came to an end, every single person in the room applauded and cheered. And every single person stood up. I get goosebumbs by just thinking about it. This happened at no other panel (Besides the ending ceremony but thats not what I'm talking about here).

Oh, and I attended a small stunt-fighting workshop and we presented a little show at the Ending Ceremony! That was really awesome... and a bit frightening, in front of so many people!

I really can't wait until the DVD is finished and I can re-live all those wonderful moments!

Well, I think I wrote enough for one journal :D

Greetings and have a nice day/night,

p.s.: I can't really upload anything we've done in uni, because we actually haven't done anything. Well. I've only been studying over about a month, we're just learning to use certain programms etc. But once I produced some decent stuff, I'm going to upload it!


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