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What, a new Journal, AGAIN? Jupp, sorry if you feel spamed~

So, 2014 is about to be over.... what a year!
Somehow, 2014 felt like a whole lifetime to me. SO many things happened!
Let me try to list up some of the greatest events this year (I try to list them up chronologicaly)

:bulletblue: I finished my Application Portfolio for university and some time after that I got the message that they liked it + gave me a homework + the invitation to take the application test. I Passed! 12/15 Points total, I really wanted to study there but never really expected it to work. But here we go :D

:bulletblue: Around Eastern I went to HobbitCon II in Bonn with two friends. My first Con but definitely not my last! I had a tremendous time. My very favourite Panel was Sir Richard Taylor's, co-founder of WETA and head of WETA Workshop. The things he said were very inspirational and whenever i feel down he's one of the persons I think of to find my motivation again :)

:bulletblue: Some time after HobbitCon, I started my work at the MPS (big, moving medival market in Germany). While it always was a lot of hard work and I had some small bad experiences (It's not necessarily the boss that makes you work hard. The fellow grumpy workers are what makes you uncomfortable. Like looking at you judgingly when you need to go to the toilette or eat something. Srsly guys??) I also had a lot of fun and made some new aquaintances.  Over this year, this wandering market became like a second home to me. Sadly some bad stuff happened, so that the feeling is a bit tainted now. But all in all it was a great experience and I learned a lot there.
I'll try to work there the upcoming year, too. But not as often.

:bulletblue: In June, right after a MPS-weekend I traveled further north to Sylt to spent a lazy, artistic week with my deer Shrimp InkenSylinter :heart:. Actually we planned to do some stuff but instead we were reeeaaally lazy. Well, damn, happens :D

:bulletblue: Some weeks later, in August, I made a trip with my family to the U.S.A.! I wasn't all that excited because I'm somehow not really interested in 'murican culture. (No offence) 
We made a small tour by car. Starting and ending in L.A. . We saw The Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, some other canyon I forgot the name of, Death Valley, Las Vegas and San Francsico. 
And it was really annyoing that I was the only one who could remotely speak and understandable English. And understand what was said. My father was the worst, I really had to keep an eye on him >_> ... and I told them before we went on that trip that he should go and take a language course, goddamnit D8<
But oh well, in the end it was a nice trip. The landscape was really interesting. 

:bulletblue: On the 2nd September it was finally time: I moved out from my prantes home into a small students-apartment. Wasn't the nicest thing but damn, I was finally free - kind of. : D

:bulletblue: At the end of September, the welcome-week for the first semester took place and right after it the studying began. As I already said, I only ever wished to do this, but never really expected it. Now i've got to make the most of it. Even though I don't know if I have the strength for that right now.
Even if I should fail, in the end I can at least say, that I tried!

Many more little things happened this year. I met a huge amount of new people and some other people left my life (not in the tragic way. People are coming and going constantly in a persons life)
And I think I grew a lot in this time. 
Right now I'm sitting in my own little flat, for Lionturtle's sake! I get money from my parents but I have to pay the bills from it on my own and stuff  OH MY GOD I SOUND LIKE A GROWN UP RESPONSIBLE HUMANE BEING which I'm not *cough* HOW ON EARTH DID I DO THAT?????

Ah, well.
I still have a lot of growing to do, al lot of things to do, places to see and people to meet.
It's time for a new Adventure and it's called 2015 *science-fiction music sounding in the distance*

p.s.: because InkenSylinter and I am some crazy turtleducks, we bought tickets for AC/DC in Hannover in June 2015!
Thiiiiiiis is gonna be SO AWESOME
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